Stockbroker Arbitration
Have you invested your life savings, only to see it disappear?
What can you do?

Within every brokerage agreement, there must be a suitability questionnaire.  It is the obligation of the broker/dealer to ensure that a person's investments are suitable for their objectives.  A person's life savings cannot be invested in high risk investments.  If the broker breaches their duty to the investor, the investor may have recourse.  The investor may be able to recover all of their losses!

Each brokerage agreement provides for arbitration.  The costs to initiate arbitrations are greater than to start a law suit, but the duration of the proceeding is generally shorter.  Neither the NASD nor the NYSE provide for arbitration forums within New Jersey.   There are options.  

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We must note that if no broker is involved, which is normal in certain on-line trading, the suitability requirements may be waved by the investor.

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