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Workers Compensation:
    A person who is injured on the job is entitled to workers compensation benefits.  These benefits include payment of all medical bills, temporary benefits when the worker is unable to work and a permanency award.  These amounts are statutory, based upon your injury and preclude a suit against an employer for such injuries, except in the Court of Compensation.
    If a person other than the employer was negligent and caused the injury, the worker is still entitled to the workers compensation benefits and may also recover in a third party action against the negligent person.  This is a complicated procedure and should be left to a professional.
    If you were injured at work or have a third party action, find out your rights.

Personal/Business Negligence and Injury:
    Have you been injured and you don't know your rights?  What are a person's rights when there are broken bones?  Lacerations with stitches?  Internal injuries?  Herniated disks?  Whiplash?  Soft tissue injuries?   If these injuries are from the negligence of another, you may be able to recover damages.

    If you have been injured in a car accident from another driver's negligence, you may also be able to recover monetary damages.  Many people have elected the verbal threshold on their insurance policies for slightly cheaper rates.  Electing a verbal threshold may affect your right to recovery for pain and suffering.  Except in special situations, your medical bills should be paid for.  Find out your rights from a professional.

**    Do you have questions about your automobile insurance?   What policy to purchase?  What are your rights under each policy?    Some of your answers may be here.  This is a quick pamphlet published by the American     Trial Lawyers Association explaining automobile insurance in New Jersey.

    A person can slip and fall due to a poorly designed stairwell, an improperly maintained walkway, an un-swept sidewalk, a broken curb, or other walkway obstructions.  You could be injured.   A broken hip can prevent anyone from walking correctly in the future.  Your injuries can prevent you from earning a living.  Do not suffer for someone else's negligence.  Find out your rights.

    Has your child been unknowingly exposed to lead in an apartment?  Is there a documented elevation of lead in his or her blood?  You may be able to recover for these damages.  An award may pay for your child's care and education, including college tuition.  Find out your rights.

    Have you been exposed to asbestos, chemicals, food poisoning, or other toxins?  You may be able to recover for your present and future damages.  Find out your rights.

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