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     Bankruptcy -     Find out about Bankruptcy - Personal  Reorganizations or Liquidations - Save your house in foreclosure.
     Lemon Law -         What to do if your car is a Lemon. - Make the Dealership buy back your car and then pay your attorneys fees.
     Tax Problems -     Tax Appeals - IRS / State Liens - Local Property Taxes.  There is alot you can do when the taxman comes knocking.
                                          A person can even go bankrupt on outstanding taxes.  Find out how.                  )

Personal Injury -     Were you injured in an accident?  Unpaid Medical Bills?  Do not fall for the insurance trap.  If the other person hit you and you were hurt,

                                      you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Workers Compensation -      Did your accident happen on the job?  Your medical bills will all be paid for and you may be

                                                        entitled to a lump sum payment for your injury(ies).  You are entitled to Workers Compesation when you are hurt on the job.

     Stockbroker Arbitrations -     Did you trust your stock broker?  Are your savings gone?
                                                        -     What can you do to get your money back?  What are your rights?

- See the Professional Legal Page.  - This page is recommended for the Legal Professional.  
                        It contains links and search engines for case law, forms,
                        filing fees, addresses and other national and legal
                        historical information.  For the very astute, find the link for
                        "Elvis meets Nixon."  (This is a real site!)

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